Project Proposal

Please remember:

  • To read the School Application Guidelines — they answer many questions. And so does Andrea Ritchie, PAINTS co-ordinator, so feel free to call or write
  • The project teacher MUST be the one to fill out this application.
  • You need to talk to your artist about the project BEFORE you apply.
  • A project will usually involve one or possibly two groups of students generally. A group may be as small as a half dozen or as large as a single class (max 28)

1. Contact Information & Details

Project Contacts

2. Project Description

Begin by summing up your project in one or two sentences. From there, you can flesh out the details. Tell us a little bit about the process and the different elements of the work. What’s the idea? What is the medium? What will the artist teach the students? What product will be created (if any) and how will it be achieved? What media will you be working in? This section should be written by the project artist, or in communication with them. You might want to ask them to write it up and email it to the teacher to cut & paste into the application form.


Please let us know the basic timeframe for the workshop, by day, class period, or hour. Whatever makes sense for your project. Please include any pre-workshop preparation - i.e. gathering or purchasing materials, preparing the classroom, having students research or learn about a subject area or artistic discipline, etc.

3. Art Supply Request

What materials, if any will you need to purchase for this project? Include a list with quantities and the amount you want to request to help with supplies. Most often, the school will need to pay for/provide at least some of the supplies.
The receipts you submit must total an amount equal to or greater than the requested amount.

4. Travel

We encourage schools to work with artists that live close by. We know in rural areas, the travel may be well above the 50km that is automatically approved with a PAINTS project. We just need to keep tabs on our spending, and of course, we prioritize spending our funds on artists' time with students and materials wherever possible. Do check. There may be a terrific artist closer than you think!

6. Payment

The artists' fee of $40/hour is divided 50/50 between PAINTS and the school. The school portion of the fees must be received or postmarked by the deadline date in order to process the application. Payments are held in trust until the PAINTS Committee reviews applications. If your project is not successful, the payment will be returned to you as soon as the results are released.
Total artist hours × $25

Payment should be by cheque made out to VANS, and mailed to:

Att: PAINTS Co-ordinator
1113 Marginal Road
Halifax, NS B3H 4P7

If you have any questions about the application process, please visit our online application guide for schools and teachers or e-mail us at