Getting Started for Artists

Make sure you're a member in good standing of VANS or Craft NS. If not, you can join or renew by following the appropriate link below:

VANS Membership 

Craft Nova Scotia Membership

Fill out the PAINTS Artist Application Form Artist applications are reviewed twice a year. Deadlines for the review panels are May 1st and December 1st, but please send your application at any time and we'll make sure it's considered at the next review. The form is fill-able online. Click here to go to the form.

And then... Your profile will be posted on the website within 2 weeks of being approved by the review panel. As the school deadlines approach teachers and principals will need to contact artists to discuss and plan projects. The project applications are submitted by schools, but we encourage you to get in touch with schools in your local community to make them aware of the program, your own work, and even project ideas. You can get contact information for all public schools in Nova Scotia here.

Questions? Browse the site, email or call Andrea at 902-423-4694.