Getting Started for Schools and Teachers

Browse the Artist Directory You may already have an idea for a project, or a grade level you'd like the artist to work with, or a subject area or you might just know that you want to enrich your school community with the presence of a professional artist for a few hours or a few days. You don't have to have it all figured out. Look through the artist directory, and when something sparks, contact the artist and arrange to meet by phone or in person to talk about a project.

Confirm your School's Funding Contribution Remember that PAINTS is a 50/50% split, so the school must be able to pay their part of the $50 per hour rate, $25 per hour. That payment is due with the application and will be held in trust. If your project is not selected for funding, cheques will be returned and credit card payments refunded within two weeks of the deadline.

PAINTS can be used to:

  • Explore local political, social and cultural concerns through art, or use art to explore concepts in math, history, language and science.
  • Provide an opportunity for classes without an art program to explore art making and creative thinking.
  • Have artists talk about their work, the ideas behind it, and the techniques they use to create it.
  • Have an artist work with students to create a permanent work of art for the school.
  • Augment an established art program by introducing an artist who is working in the medium or subject area being studied.
  • Do countless other things that you and your partner artist can come up with.

Fill out the Application Form Once you've fleshed out your idea - with the artist, and maybe with other staff or parents - it's time to fill out your application. There are two deadlines per year - September 30th & January 30th. The form is fill-able online. You'll find a link in the menu on the right. 

And then... We'll contact you about two weeks after the deadline to let you know if your project is approved.

Questions? Browse the site, email or call Andrea at 902-423-4694.